Becoming a new mom to a disabled newborn has taken up A LOT of my time this week, so we’ve been a little absent here, adjusting to new schedules and trying to get everything just right for baby boy Mateo to thrive.

I have some really big news to share today, something special that happened for the sanctuary and an opportunity to change the lives of all the animals here. But I’ll get to that later. PLEASE keep an eye out!

For now, I want to tell you that I am amazed at the strength and bravery of this little cow who almost had to say goodbye to life way too soon. After coming to us with a broken leg, and then a failed surgical repair, then amputation, we weren’t sure how recovery would go. But he has so far exceeded all expectations and is officially ready for his rehabilitation consult and physical therapy with a talented doctor at @urbanpawvet next week!

We especially thank all of the kind words from you and from other sanctuaries who’ve had experience with cow amputees. It warms my heart, the generosity and kindness of places like @edgarsmission and @preetirangsanctuary who’s words gave me hope for this little cow who we already love so much.

I’ll have more later ♥️

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