Mateo Meets Dr. Novara!

This video is everything I hope the world will become for cows, someday soon. Cows and every other animal, human or non-human, actually.

Mateo had his first physical therapy appointment with the wonderful Dr. Novara at @urbanpawvet . We are now even more encouraged about his life ahead and all the future happiness we hope to fill it with. Seeing him respond with such relief and comfort to massage, laser therapy and knowing he is loved and important was a tear jerker.

Did he get kind, compassionate treatment for pain and healing? Yes! Did he meet sweet children he fell in love with? Yes! Did he pee on the floor several times and throw a tantrum in the middle of city streets? Also yes!

We will now do more treatments at the sanctuary rather than in the clinic, since he made it clear he’s more comfortable at home (and already a big heavy boy!)

Thank you to Dr. Novara, her staff and family for making accommodations for a different kind of patient, for doing work to help animals feel better every day, no matter what body circumstances they were given, and thank you to everyone who has helped us save this sweet little life, against all odds. ❤️‍🩹

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