Picture Us Here!

Ok folks here it is! It’s officially been listed! See links in stories or bio!

With this past year of the most violent weather and flooding we’ve ever seen in 150 years of Colorado history wreaking havoc on this little property, we are desperate to expand the sanctuary for the health and happiness of the over 500 rescued animals who call Broken Shovels their home.

The opportunity has arrived, as the adjacent property has gone up for sale, and the price is within reach of our means! We can double our space and provide even better care and enrichment than ever before, and finally have the space we need to revamp and heal our original broken property so that we aren’t so devastated by every weather event.

You’ve watched us grow from the original teeny tiny micro dairy into a rescue and sanctuary you know today, housing some of the most abused, neglected, critical and special needs animals, given a second chance to heal and thrive, and to be loved.

Behind the scenes, we’ve also been in an 11 year battle with harassment, threats to our animals and staff, low key stalking, antagonizing and disturbances from the property next door. Constant police involvement and drug activity, illegal, un-permitted dirt fill that has caused even more destruction on our side of the fence due to runoff that intensifies the flooding. It’s not only the space to expand, we need this property to stay safe without the worry of what the next neighbor will bring.

We’ve known our need for expansion has been looming for a long time. We’ve put it off because we can’t bear to think of having to move the sanctuary so far outside the city that we become inaccessible and miss so many opportunities for outreach and education if we were to have to leave our perfect location, just 15 minutes from downtown Denver, minutes from the South Platte Bike Trail and within walking distance to bus and rail public transit.

Governor Polis and First Gentleman Marlon Reis provided the first $150k of that down payment as a beneficiary of the inaugural ball, and if we can match this generous gift, we know we can make a bigger, better, cleaner, more beautiful and even happier Broken Shovels a reality.

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