Help Jesse!!


Our beloved old epileptic lady Jessie ended up in the ER last night with an aura (pre-seizure) or post-ictal (after seizure) signs. Because Jessie is a grand mal, cluster seizure sufferer, we were expecting a long night of activity for her, and when this happens, it’s life threatening very quickly.

She did well overnight and with some immediate meds and fluids, she recovered with no more seizures. She did take the opportunity for entertaining the vet hospital staff with her cute old lady antics and a night in air conditioning.

She will be released today, but it was a long, scary night. Her last seizure, though infrequent, almost killed her and we never want to take chances. Her bill so far is $1250, an emergency we weren’t prepared for while trying to save every dime for meeting the down payment requirement, we could use some help!

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