Kind Words When We Need Them Most


We are one week away from closing, officially, but still a long way to go to finish raising the down payment. We still need $40,000 to reach our matching grant, and $90k to hit our original goal.

This week, we not only worked through 100+ degree temperatures and all the extra water filling, mister and pool tending and endless wellness checks that go with dangerous weather, but I (Andrea) came down with a severe gastroenteritis and ended up in urgent care, weak, dehydrated and very sick. I NEVER get sick. I still haven’t even had Covid! But something took me down at the worst possible time.

On top of that, we said goodbye to two longtime hospice residents who let us know their bodies needed gentle release, and had a cancer scare with one of our other elderly residents that was intensely anxiety-provoking (biopsy = benign thankfully 🥹)

That’s the thing around here, when the going gets tough, the tough still gotta make sure the animals are fed, watered, and maintain the same high level of care we expect.

So where does that leave social media, funding, grant requests, donor relations, surrender requests and everything else it takes to run a sanctuary AND reach a big looming goal? Nope.

Feeling so defeated and unable to make up for lost time, I read through some of your letters and comments last night while sitting out in the pasture, getting a little lost in the beauty of our new potential expanded home, and it reminded me that what we are doing is important, and it matters to the animals and to the humans of our community who find solace here. So here comes our second wind!

This week, we will need your help more than ever. Shares, comments, likes, and putting up with my pleas and begging to help us make this dream come true. We’ve come so far, but this final homestretch is going to make it or break it.

I’m promising I’m going to be good at reminders as well as telling you some very special stories to help you remember why you support us, why you also want to see this expansion.

Please see our stories for more on how to help. Let’s do this!.

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