Mabel Needs More Room to Roam!

Mabel, after a thunderstorm.

Mabel was part of our very first cow rescue in 2016. We had been contacted to help a lame calf who was unable to get up, and as often happens, we arrived to find a serious neglect case of three sick, starving baby calves. We left that night just with Michelle, who wasn’t only lame but had searing joint infections and urine scald from being too sick to get up for days, possibly weeks. By the time we got home with her, we had devised a plan to diplomatically rescue the other two, Rex and Mabel.

Michelle spent a week at CSU Vet Teaching Hospital before succumbing to a symptom of her illness. Rex passed away from complications of severe pneumonia even with treatment. Mabel, the smallest, shyest and sickest of the three, seemed doomed. Although it was winter, her coat was thin and patchy, exposing every little bone in her starving body. It just seemed impossible.

Vets told us the amount of lung damage she had sustained would surely lead to chronic conditions and she might only be a shell of a normal cow. But we kept the faith, and after two weeks hospitalized, she began to improve. We were warned that she may never thrive.

But she did.

She is now the bossy matriarch of our herd, a big strong girl who can run tirelessly, and has never been sick another day in her life.

For her 8th birthday coming up soon, one we weren’t sure we would ever see, we hope to more than double her pasture and enclosure, and for the first time ever, have rotating pastures where she can graze with her friends, giving her space where she can run and play and fill those miracle lungs full of fresh clean air. Your help with our expansion will give Mabel this incredible gift. It’s our last week to raise money, we can use all your love, support, encouragement, shares, tags and likes!

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