Help Our Sweet Old Girl Pippa!

Urgent medical situation #3 this week…

Pippa came here as a week-old baby when we were a dairy farm, because of her genetics for making tons of milk. Her mother had been the top-producing milk goat in the US the year she was born. Yes, I was selfish and wanted to add “champion” goats who would produce lots, and I regret it all very much. Because what I didn’t realize was that in order to manipulate bodies into unnatural things, as all animal ag does to remain profitable, it means lots of inbreeding, health problems, and it centers on manipulating hormones for high production, which we know causes many problems in the body. I’ve had to learn this the hard way, saying early goodbyes to those I grew to love very much in our post-dairy years.

Pippa has always been one who needs extra care. She has a weaker immune system, making her susceptible to mange and needing extra calories to keep weight on. But recently even with all the extra inputs, she has been losing weight.

Our vets found Pippa is in A-Fib, a heart condition and a rare diagnosis for a goat…and the causes are unknown. Very little is known about how to reverse this, but it’s making her heart work so hard, we have to correct it before her heart is more enlarged or she goes into heart failure.

The cardiology team has decided the safest and most successful way to reverse is to “shock” the heart back into its correct rhythm, and then simply a follow up with extra specific minerals for heart health.

She will be in next week, going under anesthesia so they can work their magic and help to advance better care for other animals like Pippa. Please send her your best wishes of perfect beats and rhythms.

Our vet fund is very low after going all-in to purchase the land next door to give the animals better lives. We need help to give our beautiful friends all the years they deserve to enjoy the new spaces we can create.

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