Help Pru Get More Room to Root!

Why the long face Pru? 😃

Pru is a striking mangalitsa piggy, a wooly breed of pig. She came to us as a stray from animal control 2 years ago as a little tiny baby. No shocker, but she was and is a little weird, but also sweet and cuddly. She is possibly the most gentle pig in our herd, to her kin and humans alike. She is truly beautiful, inside and out.

It’s been cloudy and cool all day, bringing great relief to everyone, and it gave me a chance to get some pictures and spend time with the pig crew out of the pond/mud wallow. What a treat for all of us…lots of clean, dry belly rubs for everyone! As well as a chance to get an extra good look at skin, tusks and feets for an informal health check.

If all the moving happens, the pigs will get a big, brand new space and a housing upgrade/remodel. Getting to do nice things and making everyone even happier will make the coming year ahead really special.

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