Jeb & Ray

Jeb and Ray…

Back in March, a backyard homesteader reached out because one of her milking goats had developed a severe and deep-seated dangerous mastitis, an infection of the udder (mammary tissue).

Her goat was close to becoming septic from her infection, and her only chance to live was a full mastectomy.

Owners who have goats for milking usually are unwilling to spend money on an operation that will render them unable to produce milk, and that was the case here. Because we have lots of experience with lifesaving mastectomy procedures and the extensive follow up care, we agreed to take her. We knew through no fault of her own, this was the moment we had to make a life or death choice for Jeb. We could not leave her to die.

When she arrived, she was crying out with a familiar cry: a mother looking for her kid. No baby had been mentioned in our emails, but when asked, she had left her son behind. I demanded that they turn right back around and bring her baby as well. They were so relieved to be reunited, even though mama had to go in for emergency surgery the next morning.

Jeb had a successful surgery, fully recovered and now will live happily ever after with her son Ray, her “forever baby” at her side. They has fully integrated into our herd, and couldn’t be happier!

We have TWO DAYS left til closing on our property expansion to double the sanctuary, and need to raise an additional $10k to cover our down payment. Can you help us ensure that Jeb and Ray have the beautiful pastures they deserve?

Venmo: @brokenshovels

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