Meet Diane!! Volunteer Star of the Month!


“I volunteer at Broken Shovels because it’s my pride, my passion and my life!” – Diane Quinlivan

Allow us to introduce you to August’s Volunteer Star, Diane Quinlivan. Diane has been a volunteer at Broken Shovels for over 5 years and always shows up for her shift rain, shine, freezing, mud or snow… or national holidays! She recently encouraged her boyfriend to apply to become a volunteer as well, and now he is a valued member of the team, too.

Currently, she is an Animal Care Assistant for mammals and assists with watering the chickens and cleaning dishes for our on-site hospital on two different days and also helps us with veterinary transport. Her ability to adjust to our ever-changing sanctuary and willingness to pick up extra duties to help us when we are in a bind make her a wonderful asset to our volunteer program, not to mention her compassion and desire to do anything to make animals lives better, every day. We are incredibly lucky to have Diane at Broken Shovels!

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