Surprise Kitten – Spay/Neuter Your Animals!

Yesterday someone showed up at our gates with a newborn kitten she found in her yard, cold, hungry, still fresh umbilical cord, and alongside a sibling who did not survive.

Not being a pet animal rescue nor equipped or staffed for the care of a dire neonate, we reached out to Krissy at @pawsitiverestorations and she generously agreed to take on the round the clock care of this little sweetheart. A volunteer rushed her down.

Getting her warmed up in the incubator, this baby is now nursing well and her chances of survival are infinitely better.

With municipal shelters not open on a Sunday night and often not staffed for tiny bottle feeding newborns, us small rescues need your help more than ever for the never ending emergencies we take on. It’s scary out here, none of us receiving government funds to serve a huge population of animals in need, and most of us seeing our donations slipping, while shelters are filling up.

If you’d like to chip in for formula please visit the Pawsitive Restorations page and donate directly to them, and be sure to follow them for more updates on this little miracle orphan ♥️

And most importantly, in honor of the wonderful animal advocate Bob Barker, PLEASE spay and neuter. There is too much suffering and not enough help for animals.

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