Goblin & Ghost – Best Friends 4 Life!

Did you know that chickens make lifelong bonds with their flock mates? That they have best friends and rely on healthy relationships to be content and live fulfilled lives?

Goblin and Ghost joined a much larger flock when they came to us as the last two remaining survivors of a backyard keeper. They assimilated well and found many new friends, but every night like clockwork, when it’s time for bed, it never fails that the two are perched together, wings touching. Ghost has recurring foot infections, and when she’s being treated, Goblin waits patiently in the hospital for her friend to join her for adventures.

Birds, especially chickens, are often not considered as intelligent or emotionally complex as mammals, which is not at all true. They can recognize and remember hundreds of faces, and know the difference between flock mates, new birds and even recognize old friends and humans caretakers. They grieve loss and celebrate closeness with their loved ones. While they may not be as demonstrative, once you spend time with birds, the many ways they express affection becomes very clear.

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