Meet Folly & Kix!

The cooler weather is perfect for sunny naps with someone you love.

Folly and Kix don’t have a big, cool, exciting story. They were surrendered here years ago when their owners grew to old to care for them sufficiently, along with their friend Caprice who sadly passed away last year after hospice for a tumor.

In our huge herd of goats, these two have remained best friends and while they may do some things independently, they’ll always choose each other when it’s time for relaxing. Even after long separations, goats remember their loved ones and quickly build their routines around being close.

Although we sanctuaries are very in tune to the fact that sensational, riveting stories bring in much more money and attention, that has never guided the direction of our rescue nor our intake decisions. Most of the animals here came to us to prevent a bad situation rather than wait for a better attention-getting crisis. It isn’t as bright a shade of limelight, it doesn’t make the headlines, but rescue isn’t just for the animals who bring in the big cash. But we also know that their forever care is a big expense to take responsibility for, even if it isn’t as compelling to the public.

At this moment, it is necessary that we are completely closed to intake. We network animals in need as best we can but will deny over 3000 requests for surrender this year alone. Many of them will never find their peaceful place to live their lives with those they know and love. Even as pets, 90% of farm animals like goats, sheep and chickens won’t stay in their original home for more than a year. Farm animal rescue is in a critical situation, and at the moment, the best thing we can do is help Folly and Kix advocate for others just like them. But we still need your support, because making dreams come true is a marathon, not a sprint.

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